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Monday, January 9, 2012

Introducing Grammarly, my automated proofreader

What's wrong with the text below?

Bad Hyphen - when grammar goes bad, or how to see some humor and learn from the one's mistakes

This sentence appeared in my main blog, RandomRoutes, a few days ago. And what's wrong with it? I had a superfluous "the" near the end of the sentence. I did not catch it as I read it out loud to myself. And my proofreaders did not catch it.

How did I find it, you may ask? I tried Grammarly, the automated proofreader and your personal grammar coach. This was the first error it pointed out. I looked at the screen in disbelief, but it was true.

I do not agree with everything that Grammarly suggests. For example, it suggested that the line "my position was eliminated" should not have been in the passive voice. But I had intentionally used the passive voice. Many other items, including better word choice, were excellent suggestions.

I'll be using Grammarly user for my future blog posts.


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